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Welcome on the Base IMPACTS ® website of ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.

The Base IMPACTS ® is the official database of the French program for environmental labeling of consumer goods. It has been built in parallel to the Product Category Rules (PCRs) of the 'ADEME-AFNOR platform'.

The inventory datasets of the Base IMPACTS ® are directly caracterised in potential impact indicators following the LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) approach, through the caracterisation methods recommended by the JRC (Join Research Center of the European Commission) in the ILCD Handbook.

The inventory datasets of the Base IMPACTS ® were either bought from partners (PE International, Cycleco, Ecoinvent, Quantis) or co-produced as a result of specific programs (Agri-BALYSE, ACYVIA, etc.).

Access to data in Base IMPACTS ® requires acceptance of its Terms of Use.


1.6.0 version available:
Dear user of ADEME Base Impacts®,
The new version of Base Impacts® web site (1.6.0) is released.

The database now integrates 816 datasets, which is 175 more than the previous version.
The main sector freshly covered is the textile sector, with 136 new processes, from the fibre production – natural or artificial, to cloth making, including printing processes or textile refinement.
Some new processes have also been integrated in the sectors of: metals (production and shaping), resins and fillers for plastics, cardboard.
Furthermore, several improvements were made:
-       within Bilan Produit ®: results including information on the robustness of indicators, and demo modeling made available.
-       More generally on the web site: 1.06 version of JRC dated 2015 integrated (methods and elementary flows), intermediate flows displayed, new registration procedure, sectorial tools improved: calculation time optimized and scrap integrated. Various adjustments.

Have pleasant trails!

Caroline Pruvost – EVEA, for ADEME Base Impacts® administration

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