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Bienvenue sur Base IMPACTS® de l'ADEME,
La Base IMPACTS ® est la base de données génériques d'inventaire officielle pour le programme gouvernemental français d'affichage environnemental des produits de grande consommation. Elle est complémentaire aux référentiels sectoriels de l'affichage.

Dear users,

Please find below the latest news.


March 2023

Base IMPACTS® will close permanently on 17 April 2023. After this date, all Base IMPACTS® data and the tool Bilan Produit® will only be accessible via Base Empreinte®.

  • From 22 February to 17 April, Base IMPACTS® data is accessible on the Base IMPACTS® website AND on the Base Empreinte® website. Bilan Produit® is only accessible via the Base IMPACTS® website.
  • After 17 April, the Base IMPACTS® data and the tool Bilan Produit® will only be accessible via the Base Empreinte® website.

Please note :

  • that the user accounts of the Base Empreinte® and Base IMPACTS® websites are dissociated
  • that when the tool Bilan Produit® will be linked with the Base Empreinte® website, the ase IMPACTS® website will be definitively closed
  • /!\ that no migration of user data from Base IMPACTS® to Base Empreinte® will be carried out. This includes: your Base IMPACTS® user account, your Base IMPACTS® tickets and your modeling done in the tool Bilan Produit® on Base IMPACTS®. We invite you to retrieve the data you wish to keep before 17 April.
  • /!\ that there will be no compatibility between the two versions of the Bilan Produit® tool,
     i.e. you will not be able to reload a modeling created in Base IMPACTS®, in the Bilan Produit® tool linked with Base Empreinte®.

See you soon on Base Empreinte®!


January 2023

/!\ The Base IMPACTS® database will be replaced soon by the Base Empreinte® database.

All life cycle inventory datasets currently in the Base IMPACTS® database will then be accessible in the Base Empreinte® database.

Your account data will not be transferred to Base Empreinte®. This includes: your user account, your tickets and your Bilan Produit® models.

We therefore invite you to connect to your Base IMPACTS® account before 10 February, in order to recover the data you would like to keep. After this date, they will no longer be accessible.

When the Base Empreinte® site will be launched, you will be able to create a new account to access Base IMPACTS® and Bilan Produit® models.

Thank you for your understanding

Decembre 2022 - 2

New documents are available in the "Documentation" section:
 - Sectorial reference documents related to bedding product
 - Sectorial reference documents related to outdoor accommodation
 - Data on the digital sector from the NegaOctet project

December 2022 - 1

The support used during the webinar about the Empreinte® Base, the project to merge Base Carbone® and Base IMPACTS®, is available in section 9 of the Base IMPACTS(R) Documentation.
You will also find in the same section the document containing the all the questions and answers arising during the webinar.

November 2022

The recording of the webinar about Base Empreinte®, the project to merge Base Carbone® and Base IMPACTS® is online. To watch or replay the webinar, please use the following link :

September 2022

Meet us on 22 November, 2pm-3pm, for a general information webinar on the project to merge the Base Carbone® and Base IMPACTS® and discover ADEME's future database called Base Empreinte®!

Progress of the merger project, new governance, data format, ... 1 hour to be up to date.

Register here!

July 2022

The Bilan Produit(R) has been improved with the following elements:

  • Two examples of a product environmental assessment
  • A tutorial video (in French only)
  • An Excel export of the results & input data

The Base IMPACTS(R) has undergone the following changes :

  • New categorisation of some processes
  • Explicit mention of the fact that the agri-food datasets are obsolete compared to those available on the portal :


processes in the database
General documentation
Following the release of version 1.08 of the Base IMPACTS, the documentation has been updated in 2018.

Usage tips

Do not hesitate to consult the sectoral documentation available on the Base IMPACTS website.
This allows you to quickly obtain a synthetic vision of :

  • (i) all available datasets by sector,
  • (ii) the main methodological choices taken into account when developing the datasets.

It also allows you to better understand the different types of datasets available in the database (LCI, partially aggregated LCI...) and to use/combine them correctly.